Goughan’s Christmas Tree plantation offers the family a variety of balsam fir trees to meet any needs. Tall, short, wide or skinny we guarantee a tree that will not only match your space requirements but also achieve the quality that your family expects.

Goughan Farms Christmas trees start with the selection and hand digging of quality seedlings from the Farm’s 250 acre woods. Transplanting the trees in the early spring helps get a good early start that first year. With yearly pruning, fertilizing, weed and grease control and proper monitoring of damaging insects, within seven to nine years will result in a beautiful 7 foot Christmas tree ready for market.

We offer the family the choice, pick a nice sunny warm Fall day to come on out to the Farm and tag your won tree to be cut later or wait until Christmas season and pick from the many freshly cut trees that we have displayed here at the Farm. Either option will give you and your family the freshest possible tree for display in your home.

If you’re a visitor to the Farm from far away or have a loved one living away, consider shipping a fresh tree for that gift idea. Call the Farm for details.