The end of June is strawberry season and nothing quite says summer is here like strawberry shortcake piled high with whipped cream and featuring ripe; juicy strawberries form Goughan Farms. Strawberries that are already picked or pick your won in a country rural setting can be purchased at Goughan Farms from the end of June to late July.

Enjoy one of nature’s most appealing signs of summer, fresh native strawberries. Goughan Farms is dedicated to bring its customers the freshest and highest quality strawberries possible. In order to do so we have gone through great lengths and various cultural methods to make sure this happens. We grow seven varieties of strawberries to extend the harvesting season and have knowledgeable people on site to help find the best berries. We use land rotation of five years and start with certified plant stack to achieve maximum levels of plant production. Our elevated beds make it a very enjoyable experience and with a heavy straw mulch you will hand berries free of weeds and any soil grit. An investment in irrigation equipment assures adequate moisture throughout the fruit period which provides larger and juicy berries through the pick your own season.

For that great fresh taste of value savings in picking your won, now is the time to fill the freezer with great tasting strawberries for the year ahead. Goughan Farms invites your family, children are welcomed to visit the farm during strawberry season and get your thrill on strawberry hill.