Winter in northern Maine can be very long, cold and dreary. We at Goughan Farms would like to offer to you a stroll through our brightly colored greenhouses to give you a lift after your long winter, awaiting the arrival of Spring.

Along your walk you will view over 8,000 geraniums with a wide range of colors from reds, shades of pinks, purples bi-colored and white. As you go you will look upon a sea of colorful annuals from alyssum to zinnia with a great choice in-between. Overhead there will be a mass of hanging baskets with begonias, ivy geraniums, impatiens, combination baskets and many more.

With the idea for a gift for a friend or to add a little extra color around your house or camp don’t forget Goughan Farm’s greenhouses!
Our greenhouse tomatoes give us an early harvest for that great vine ripened tomato taste on a sandwich or salad so don’t forget to peek in on the greenhouse tomatoes to observe how bountiful the harvest will be. Starting the end of June, get a six-week jump on the field tomatoes with our flavorful greenhouse ripened tomatoes.