Is there anything cuter than a satiny soft baby bunny or a mother hen hustling her brood of fuzzy chicks to safety? You can see all of this take place in our petting barn plus get a chance to view the egg factory where the hens are laying eggs. If your extra good Mrs. Goughan may let you help her collect the eggs for customers to purchase!

Outside the barn you’ll see 16 year old Stretch the goose and his buddies, the Three Little pigs, Phine Pheather Pheasants, Tony and Priscilla Peacock and out in the pasture you will find the sheep grazing. A quarter machine is available for you to feed your favorite farm animal. We do allow visitors to bring bread, crackers, carrots or lettuce for the animals but please don’t feed them anything with sugar or salt; the animals are on a special grain diet.

Pack up the kids, grandma, grandpa and Fido (as long as your dog is on a leash) and come on out to visit our animal barn for what Mark and Gloria think will be an enjoyable time.