Every one LOVES ice cream especially Home made ice cream that is made daily to ensure that it has the most enjoyable flavor when it is served to you. Our ice cream along with jams, honey and syrup are made here on the farm with our fresh fruits and vegetables. We will even ship them as gifts as a yummy Made in Maine treat for those loved ones that are  missing home.

Goughan’s Berry Farm started the strawberry fields back in the early 1980s. It was then when we came up with the idea to start making homemade strawberry ice cream, seeing how hot and thirsty strawberry pickers were after coming out of the berry filed. The customers would tell how much fun they had but they sure whished we had something cold and refreshing to serve them after they had picked their berries… Voila! Homemade strawberry ice cream!

At that time, we could only make about two gallons each night and I would go out into the fields, sit on the back of the tailgate of the pickup and scoop strawberry ice cream into plastic bowls with spoons. The pickers thought that was great until that one straggler came for their bowl of ice cream and it was all gone… this all lasted for about twenty minutes.

We saw the potential for a dairy bar and in the early 1990s we purchase our commercial ice cream machine. Now we not only have strawberry ice cream, but we have many flavors that include: Maple nut, strawberry rhubarb, French vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, blueberry, pumpkin spice, lemon basil and many more. Most of these flavors are made with syrup, fruit and or vegetables produced on our farm along with a 16% butterfat cream mix. The ice cream is made with our special recipes that we have developed over the years and we introducing new flavors with each season.

If you want to take a break from your daily routine, drive out to the Farm, get yourself an ice cream in a homemade waffle cone, and go relax under the shaded birch trees and view the colorful flower gardens. There’s a good chance you will be back for more!