The 12th annual corn maze is now open at Goughan’s Berry Farm!

We are open everyday until Halloween.
Mon-Sat 8-5 and Sun 10-5 (We just ask that you enter the maze by 4 because it takes about an hour to do.)

For the maze: $7.50/person 5&under are a $1
Mini golf 18 holes : $7.50 / 9 holes $4.50
Maze and 18 holes of mini golf $12.50 /person (free ice cream)
Maze and 9 holes 10.50 ( free ice cream)
If you have kids under 5 and are doing the combo they will be $2

The theme of the maze this year is helping Dixie’s Chicks Feed the County. The maze design is the County’s Dixie Shaw, Hunger and Relief Services Program Director for Catholic Charities, known for her double braids.

The annual corn maze is a fall tradition that brings families and friends together for old fashioned fun. Beyond the fun, this year’s maze is highlighting to an important cause, helping Dixie’s Chicks Feed the County. This year’s corn is tall and dense and you can easily get turned around out there. Within the maze are games to help teach how Dixie could use your help to “Feed the County.”

Goughan Farms produces fruits and vegetables and we wanted to show the importance of having local food go to local people who might be in need. In addition to the theme highlighting the importance of Feeding the County, proceeds from Saturday September 10th will be a fundraiser Catholic Charities Hunger Relief. Please come check out the maze and mini golf, eat barbeque, and plenty more and help your neighbor!